Car Rental Terms and Conditions

The rental terms show you how best you can enjoy our services while on your self guided tour in Rwanda. We always give cautions on how to drive when to drive and where to drive. This is mean’t for your saftey and our endurance in the business, so take note of the guide line and follow the rules will on your Vacation.


Full name, residential, postal address and telephone number of the renter.

– Original Drivers Licence or permit and passport or identity document. For International renters,a driving permit must also be presentede. Copies of the aforesaid documents will be made and held by Rwanda Car Rentals company

– Vehicles are rented subject to Rwanda Car rentals terms and conditions as contained in this agreement.

– Daily rates are calculated strictly in cycles of 24 hours, from time of pick up to time of drop off.

– If the vehicle is driven by anyone other than the Renter, the Renter shall remain liable for all his/her obligations in terms of this agreement as if he/she had been the driver

– The Renter agrees that the Renter is not allowed to permit any towing, repairs or servicing to be done to the vehicle unless authorised by Rwanda Car Rentals

– Rwanda car rentals cannot accept responsibility for late delivery of vehicle due to circumstances outside of our control.

– The renter acknowledges that the vehicle is delivered by Rwanda Car Rentals free of any damage and in good order and repair (unless such damage is recorded in writing).