At Car Rental Rwanda, we have set a very high standard of our Vehicles which is a clear indication of our attention to detail in terms of service delivery. We operate safaris to tourist destinations using safari Mini Buses and Four Wheel drive Land cruisers specially built for the African terrain with pop-up roofs, extra dust proof and guaranteed window seats insured comprehensively for a maximum of 6 passengers.

Toyota Rav 4

Rav 4

4X4 Rav 4 Wheel Drive

Good for Rough Roads


Rav 4


Vehicle Features

Vehicle features

  • 4X4 Wheel Drive
  • Petrol / Gasoline
  • Unlimited Mileague
  • Space for Lagguage
  • 5 Doors
  • A/C

Other Features

  • Automatic Transmision
  • Audio Player
  • 4 – 5 Seater
  • 1 Spare Tyre
  • Comprehensive Insurance

Vehicle Rates

  • 65 USD for short term that is 1- 4 days
  • 57 USD for long term that is 5 and above